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Safety is Key

Make sure you are seen, heard, and protected on all of your rides. A few safety essentials will make a big impact on your visibility to drivers, riders, hikers, and pedestrians alike-- and you'll feel more comfortable on your bike because of it.

Shop Helmets

A helmet can be a literal lifesaver in an accident. Find a helmet that looks good & feels good-- come and try helmets on in store to find the one that fits you perfectly.

Shop Lights

Bike lights are essential for visibility, both on daytime and evening rides. Not sure which lights are right for you? Give us a call or visit us in store, and we'll help you choose the perfect lights to suit your needs.

Shop Bells

Bells are a friendly way to alert other bike path users or hikers to your presence, and a very effective way to make sure drivers can hear you!

Shop Glasses

Glasses protect your eyes from wind, debris, bugs, and sun. Choose bigger glasses for more coverage, or smaller glasses to double as casuals-- or get a dedicated bike pair and a dedicated casual pair!

Shop Gloves

Gloves offer better grip on your handlebars, plus protection if you fall. Available in short-finger or long-finger styles, and lightweight construction for the summer or insulated for winter riding.