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Sulphur Mountain Loop

Sulphur Mountain is our gravel staple-- so much that it's the base of our annual gravel ride. It's about 50/50 dirt/pavement, but you'll spend more time on the dirt since you're climbing up the gravel and descending on pavement.

31 miles / 3000 ft

Route Notes:

  • The soil on this ride is very clay-based, so:
    • It's a good idea to rinse your bike off (at least) when you get done
    • This ride isn't a good choice if it has rained recently-- we've seen derailleurs ripped clean off!
  • The paved descent is on a twisty one-lane road, so exercise caution on your way down
  • A gravel bike is the ideal tool for this route. If the trail is in good condition, you can get by on a road bike with 30-32c tires that have some tread