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Be Winter Ready

California winters are so mild that you can still ride outside almost every day-- it just takes a little bit of preparation and some extra pieces of gear. Make sure you're warm, dry, comfortable & safe through the fall and winter with these essentials.

Shop Gloves

Your fingers will be the first part of you to feel the cold! A pair of regular long-fingered gloves will be enough to cut through the wind on most days, and an insulated pair will keep you warm on particularly cold days.

Shop Warmers

Extend your summer gear to work for you in the winter! Arm warmers, shoe covers, etc. will keep you warm using the kit you already have, and they're perfect for those transition weather days when you may want to take off some of your warm gear mid-ride.

Shop Lights

Daytime lights are a must-have during winter. For those of you commuting or riding outside of the shorter daylight hours, it's a good idea to have a beefier set of winter lights to get you home safe in the dark.

Shop Fenders

It may rain less often in California, but that doesn't make it any less wet when it does. Your best bet is a set of removable fenders that you can snap on when it's wet out and leave off the rest of the time. 

Shop Winter Kit

If you're regularly riding in the cold, you'll be happy to have a dedicated winter kit. Thermal bibs and long-sleeve jerseys mean there's no gap between your kit and your warmers for cold to seep in.