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2023 Gravel Mob - Cancelled

Mother Nature has exerted her will, and regrettably, we must cancel the 2023 Gravel Mob. 

As you may know, Ojai experienced heavy winter rains, which damaged portions of Sulphur Mountain Road, Sisar Canyon Road, and Highway 33. While Sulphur Mountain and Sisar are now passable - Highway 33 is not. 

Repairs to Highway 33 were to be complete by the end of this Summer. Based on that information, we moved the Gravel Mob from March to November. In the meantime, the completion date moved to October. Just last week, it moved again to after Thanksgiving. We don't mean to criticize CalTrans or the repair crews that work for them. They are doing their best - the damage is just extensive.

If you are currently registered for the 2023 Gravel Mob, please check your inbox (...and junk folder) for further information.

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