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Rental Bikes

Electric Bikes

Electric bikes let you take the day at your own pace-- whether you want to relax or get some exercise. Take the bike path all the way to the beach or go for an extended tour of the Ojai Valley.

Active Bikes

The best way to see Ojai is on a bike! Ride through the orange groves in the East End or take the bike path down to Foster Park.

Mountain Bikes

Ride Gridley Trail and take in the view, or get out for an early morning spin in the Ventura River Preserve. Mountain biking in the natural beauty of Ojai is an enlightening experience. 

Road Bikes

Ojai is a special place, and the ride up CA-33 to Rose Valley or Pine Mountain pays tribute to that notion. If the climb is epic, the descent is epic-er. We might be a little biased, but we think it's among the best rides in the world.

All-Road Bikes

There are fire roads-a-plenty along the CA coast and throughout the ocean-front ranges. Our local stand-outs are Sulphur Mountain Road and Sisar Canyon Road. They are two of our favorite places to escape from reality.

Kids' Bikes & Trailers

The little ones need to have fun too! From basic off-road riding to cruising around town, we've got you covered.