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Looking for a place to ride?

Whether you're looking for a relaxed ride to see the best of Ojai, an epic road ride, or a beautiful off-road ride, we have recommendations!

Bike Rentals

From town bikes to electric bikes to performance road, gravel, and mountain bikes-- wherever you're looking to ride, we've got you covered!

Shop Hydration

It's hot out there! Staying hydrated is key to a successful ride, especially in Ojai weather. 

Shop Bikes

We have bikes in stock! Browse our catalog to see what we have in the store and what our suppliers have in their warehouses.

Shop Safety

Safety is key. Make sure you are seen, heard, and protected on every ride. 

A man walks with a bike in front of the MOB Shop storefront

About Us

The Mob Shop is a full-service bike shop located in Ojai, CA. We believe in the transformative power of the bicycle and we think everyone is a cyclist. We think of the bicycle as a vehicle to wellness and even enlightenment...if you pedal in the right direction. 

We sell and service bicycles, rent bicycles, offer bicycle tours and host cycling events. No matter how you come to know us, our desire is the same: to impart to you the joy and gratification that we feel every time we put our feet on the pedals (think 6-years-old flying downhill!).

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We're here to answer all of your questions. Stop by or give us a call today!

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