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We are looking for a Bicycle Service Technician to join our team!

The MOB Shop is a locally owned bicycle shop that provides a supportive and positive work environment for people who enjoy serving the public and share the idea that everyone is a rider.

We are currently looking for a Bicycle Service Technician to join our team! A great Service Technician can talk to Riders and guide them through every question from set-up to service to tune-ups and warranty. 

If you value integrity, know how to take the initiative, and recognize the importance of exceptional customer service, please continue reading. 

Service: You're the bridge to an excellent experience for our customers. You're intent on taking the time and making an effort to guide people. You want people to feel comfortable in our shop, so you listen intently and offer advice based on what you hear.

Product: You are curious about all types of bicycles and the gear that makes riding a bike more fun. With guidance from us, you take the initiative to learn about and learn how to explain the products we sell. You understand that the joy of riding a bike is the most important 'product' we sell, and you work to help customers connect with that feeling.  

Company: You want to be part of something with purpose. You demonstrate integrity by embracing all different types of people, and you want to do the right thing for your customers and your fellow employees. You value collaboration and understand when to ask for or offer help. You want to be a trusted resource in the community, and you care wholeheartedly about the impact you have on others. You realize that a genuinely successful business must strive to be economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Great communication skills

  • Strong problem-solving skills

  • A love for tinkering with bikes and components

  • An obsession for quality and detail

  • Strong organization and planning skills

Preferred and Specific Skills*

  • One year or more as a Bicycle mechanic

  • Able to assemble, repair, and perform quality checks to ensure top caliber service

  • Experience with e-bikes and motor systems

  • Experience with bike suspension service

  • Wheel building experience

  • Strong understanding of hydraulic systems and pressures

  • Able to handle warranty and service claims effectively

  • Up-to-date certifications from SRAM Technical University

  • Up-to-date certifications from Shimano T.E.C

  • Up-to-date certifications from Bosch e-Bike Systems

General Responsibilities

  • Maintain a positive orientation at all times

  • Greet all customers courteously and kindly

  • Develop service skills and learn about the products you sell

  • Listen to customers attentively

  • Guide customers to relevant products and services

  • Give accurate and current information

  • Suggest new or alternative products and services that the customer may not know

  • Demonstrate empathy and understanding in handling returns and service issues

  • Share customer feedback with owners and fellow employees

  • Apply the above standards to all phone inquiries

  • Answer the phone with empathy and enthusiasm

  • Carry out shop and sales floor maintenance regularly

  • Maintain stock and inventory of the sales floor and workshop

  • Execute opening and closing duties as directed

  • Complete sales in the Point of Sale system

  • Communicate clearly and accurately with owners and fellow employees at all times


  • Part-Time or Full-Time

  • Expect to work Weekends

  • Expect to work around Major Holidays


Physical Requirements

  • Continually able to stand/walk for extended periods

  • Continually reach overhead, bend, squat, kneel, and carry

  • Regularly perform sales and service area maintenance items, including sweeping, emptying trash, cleaning bikes, cleaning service area, and cleaning sales floor

  • Able to safely lift objects to 55 pounds

  • Comfortable with manual labor and getting your hands dirty

*Regardless of your qualifications, if you think this could be you and you're ready to step-up, please apply! 

Please email your cover letter and resume to